hi !!

hello, welcome to my musics page

here im just going to show off my """great""" music taste :3

ive been actuallyy actively listening to music since like middle school (same as most people probablyy kldfjsdk), and have gone so many phases in what type of music i mainly listen to that i like 100% think that i can listen to basically anything and find something enjoyable about it,, and my taste is the current result to that :3

<3 album of the... whatever <3

jibral (stomach book) - CAT SOUP

listen here !!

albums !!

some of my favourite albums :D

Twinkle Park - As Much As I Forget

favourite tracks: as much as i forget, rotten woman, nonphenomial love song

listen here !!
Kero Kero Bonito - Time N' Place

favourite tracks: only acting, visiting hours, outside

listen here !!
Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

favourite tracks: cute thing, high to death, beach life in death

listen here !!
the pillows - Happy Bivouac

favourite tracks: beautiful morning with you, last dinosaur, funny bunny

listen here !!
death insurance - i'm in your walls

favourite tracks: bugbite, ifeelgr8, brainbleed

listen here !!

favourite tracks: all you can hope for now are the scars to show for it!!!, Requiem, Lullaby For An Angel's Egg Pt. 1

listen here !!
Jun Togawa - Suki Suki Daisuki

favourite tracks: Suki Suki Daisuki, Herikutsu Boy, Osozaki Girl

listen here !!
Shinsei Kamattechan - Child's Medical Record

favourite tracks: Girl2, Ruru's Suicide Show on a Livestream, Yozora No Mushi To Dokomademo

listen here !!
Kara's Walk Home - Look! A Rainbow!

favourite tracks: Highway, Ông Nội, Dragon Bone Smasher

listen here !!
Ada Rook - separated from her twin, a dying android arrives on a mysterious island.

favourite tracks: time dilation, total memory failure

listen here !!
Sweet Trip - You Will Never Know Why

favourite tracks: Your World is Eternally Complete, Darkness, Air Supply

listen here !!

playlists !!

some playlists of that i've made :D

<3 artists that i love so much <3

Smiling Broadly/Twinkle Park

a trans, emo, shoegaze, vocaloid, noise pop artist !! what more could you want in music sdlfkdfkl, i love her music so much

listen to her here !!
100 Gecs

i know they're like the one of the most popular hyperpop or whatever artist but i love their music so much,, and also laura les's solo work, its soooo good

listen to them here !!
Bondage Fairies

a swedish electronic punk band that takes influence from video game soundtracks and just has like this amazing sound omg

listen to them here !!
Devi Mccallion

a trans electronic music maker that just inspires me so much to make music :3 all of her projects like black dresses, anarchy 99, girls rituals are all soooo good

listen to her here !!

2021-now :3