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here are a bunch of links to other stuff im on :3

this is all very very work in progress and probably will always be in progress :P

hello !!!!

hello, welcome to my personal neocities page thingy !!!!

please turn off adblock for my site because some images dont load with it on :/ dont worry there's no actual ads :D

about me :3

my name is rei! (though ive been thinking about changing my name because ldkfj idk :P) and this is my little personal page to just like, edit and change and to make look cool and stuff. im 17 and my pronouns are she/they, and im transfem!

my music room !

if you want learn about my music taste for some reason, then click below !!


here will be where i post albums and songs and artists and stuff like that that i like :3

anime room !

if you want to know what anime and stuff like that i like, then click this one !!


im just going to put shows and movies and stuff i recommend and stufff :3


still figuring this out :P