entry 3: 8-29-23

im bored so im going to post a new blog thingy :33333 theee first half of this is going to reposting a bulletin from spacehey, but then after that itll be other junk :P

i recently ordered a package from a record store called dubstore, they're a japanese record store that has a warehouse here in the us so if u buy from them u dont have to pay like a super a lot for shipping !!

a lot of the cds and stuff on there are actually priced really well and i got a bunch of things that just came in today :3

here's what i got :333

for the cds, i got

2 albums by Guitar Wolf,, Planet of the Wolves and Jet Generation

and 4 albums by Shinsei Kamattechan,, Minna Shine, Tomodachi O Koroshite Made, 8gatsu 32nichi He, and Tanoshiine

and for the record, i got Jun Togawa's Suki Suki Daisuki ! which is one of my fav albums of all time and i havent been able to find a vinyl copy of it for a while (for less then like $100) and this site had it for only $58 !!! its the most ive ever spent on a record but i dont regret it at all !! :3

ok now for other junk,, (i guess content warning for life things ??)

i havent really done much this summer,, im done school and im not going to college anytime soon so theres nothing to get ready for,, im finally started actually doing something about learning driving, but that was still only fairly recently,, tbh its been kind of shit :/
at least when i am able to fully drive ill have a lot more freedom and will be able to hang out with friends a lot more often then i am
my partner broke up with me at the beginning of summer and that kind of just been what's making me feel more depressed i think recentlyyy,, its hard getting over someone when you still are friends with the person

entry 2: 4-27-23

hmmmmm, i havent made a blog post since my first one at the end of last year,,,, time to change that :3333

names are weird,,, ive been going by rei for like, over a year now (i think close to a year and a halff), but i still like, come up with names that i think would be cool to go by,, its not like i don't like the name rei, if i didn't like it i wouldve probably changed it by now,, but it just confusing kdfjlsj
though,, theree are some names i really like, like kim, allison, hazel, devi,, ive thought about maybe changing my name to one of those,, but maybe ill wait until after i school to do that,

thats another weird thing,, im going to graduated high school in like, only a few months,,,, it weird,, i dont reallly know what im going to do after school,, idk if i want to go to college, and if i did, idk what id even go for, i mean, i like art and music and stuffff, so i guess maybe somelike that but idk :P

i still need to learn how to drive :P

entry 1: 12-31-22

it's the end of the year anddd i decided i want to try to do like a blog/journal thingy,, idek what to write but im going to tryy!

thisss year hasn't been thatt eventful, but it's been better than others so that a good thing ! im in my first relationship, anddd we seem to be going well !!! it been 8 months :3

i recently started playing Omori !!!! and by recently i mean last night skdflk,, i havent gotten far at all, it still says im in the prologe but im enjoying it a lot so far :D

i thinkkkk that's all im going to put for this entry thingyyy,, slkfj idk maybe i wont continue this past this post but im tired of this page being empty sooo sldfkjj :3

music player :3

2021-now :3