cool websites !!!!

i want to show off a bunch of cool websites and stuff that ive found around the internet :3

some of them are other neocities places, but some of them are from different places too :3
and i AM GOING TO ADD MORE SITES i just havent gotten around to doing it yet :P :3

Geno7's Cool Webpage!

geno7's cool webpage - a cool personal webpage of a person that makes cool youtube videos and music ! i highly recommend u check him out :3

sophie's floorboard - this is a blog that someone run where u can find archives of a bunch of cool emo and punk bands discographies :3 (of course please support the bands on here through official sources if u can afford to, this is mainly a resource for people, like me, who cant)

the internet archive - everyone knows or at least should know what the internet archive is, but im going to put it here anyway because i love it so much :3 in the archive you can find so many things, old website archives, movies music and tv shows not available on normal streaming sites, tons of books, and just weird things that people just happened to archive :33 - an old anime fan website that in the style of a windows 95 os ! its cool and fun to just search around seeing all the 2000s anime images and stuff like that :3

2021-now :3